Are You A Purah?

Wow! After a super fun and busy summer, I am actually sitting at my desk with my fingers on the keys of my computer working on writing something for my blog!

When I did have free time to write I spent it working on a new Sister Blue Thread Christmas book. I also wrote up a few blog-posts, but I didn't put them up,

I mean, I honestly started to wonder, what are the simple words written on this blog going to matter in the grand scheme of things?

Now, in saying that, I'm not trying to get some feel good comments about my blog. No, I truthfully asked that...once again.

Does it matter? Are people hearing what God can do in their lives through my own life experiences? Does it really help someone when I put myself in a vulnerable position and reveal things in my life? Does anyone see a bigger picture of God and how they can have a relationship with Him?

Then one night, a few weeks ago, I just happen to run into a friend, that I haven't seen for awhile, who inquired about my blog. She mentioned how she would pass it on to a friend, and that friend wondered about my blog.

And then I had a few other friends mention this blog...

Well, this past year I participated in a study on Gideon by Priscilla Schirer.

Gideon is in the book of Judges. God came to Gideon and clearly told him of an assignment he had for him to do and he even told him how it would turn out. Gideon, who was a small, weak man, was going to lead an army against the Israelite's enemy and Gideon's army was going to win.

Well, Gideon needed God to confirm it to him a few times before he believed it was a God assignment just for him.

God faithfully confirmed this assignment for him.

As the story goes, you can clearly see that God knew what Gideon needed in order for him to go ahead and do what God wanted him to do.

God didn't reprimand him. He just answered Gideon the way Gideon needed to be answered.

The story moves on, until it's time for the attack...shortly before the attack God took away pretty much most of Gideon's army, leaving him with 300 men against a humongous amount of men in the enemies camp.

Before the attack began, God let Gideon know he would still win the war, even with the small army. Then God said something I think was really cool...if Gideon was afraid, God told him to take his friend named Purah down to the enemies camp and listen to what was being said among their group of men.

Gideon and Purah followed God's direction. They were able to overhear two guys from the enemy’s army talking about a dream one of them had had. The dream was about Gideon!!... and how he was going to wipe them out.


Once again, Gideon had confirmation that God was going to let his army win. Not only that, he had a witness with him to confirm it.


I smiled when I imagined Purah there with Gideon overhearing the enemies conversation. And Gideon turning to his friend Purah, who probably nodded, or smiled at him that yes, he had heard the conversation. Purah may have even smacked him on the back in excitement, who knows, but he was there to confirm for Gideon that yes, they were still going to win the war.

I continued to smile imagining Gideon walking back to camp, filled with confidence in what he was to do, and his friend Purah, saying yes, this is exactly what you are to do.

I smile because, I can see the faces of my own friends and family, who are like Purah's to me when I get discouraged and wonder, is this really how I should spend my time?

And they look at me with a smile, a nod, and say words of affirmation.

They spend their time praying for me. They spend their time talking to me. They confirm that yes, this is what I am to do.

Throughout the Bible we read and study about Moses, Joseph, David, Solomon, Paul, etc...great heroes of the Bible.

In school we study about war heroes, Presidents, and athletes, We read and hear about the stars in movies. The athletes who win awards. The head of big businesses. Those who make billions. Those who "made it".

And we strive to do the best, and to be the best.

But we rarely study about the people who are like Purah's. And rarely do we strive to be someone like Purah, the one who stands there with the nod of the head, or to say the "yes" for what someone else is to do.

I am so blessed to have lots of Purah like people in my life and I honestly don't know how I would be able to do what I do without them. They are the ones who encourage me, support me, pray for me, and remind me of what I'm called to do when I am doubting.

Purah people are important. And if you are someone who is a Purah, you need to know that through your work of encouragement, and all of the other things you invest in a person’s life, things get done.

Thank you with all of my heart to all the Purah's in my life.

After nods of their heads, encouraging words, and prayers...Today, as summer is turning into fall, I sit at my computer and write.


Cousin Sue said…
Reminds me of one of my fav songs... to me you are the hand of God... by Francesca B. Word.

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