Twinkling Lights

Last week my friend, Joan came along with me, as I went to a few towns and spoke at some Stone Croft luncheons.

We had a really great time driving up through the gorge. It was beautiful as usual to look at, even though we started out in the rain.

When the sun started poking out of the clouds, it was clear where the rain would end, and the sun would soon be shining on us.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see that clearly in our own lives, in the circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in? Not only a clear ending to our storms, but a clear beginning to the sun-shining again.

Well, after we were finished with the luncheon in the first town, where we got to meet some incredible ladies who are faithful to spread the love of Jesus to other women, we made our way over to our next destination to spend the evening there. I had met a couple of the ladies at a previous retreat and we were going to be able to spend some time together the rest of the day.

Everything was fine, (except for a bit of confusion on whether we were lost or not, and a phone call for help) until we got off of the freeway and found ourselves on a long, rocky road, with barren looking land on both sides. “Who lives here? And why?” I asked looking around at what looked to me as dried out land that went on forever and ever.

When we came across a KOA, we both wondered who would come out to this barren place to camp. Then we discovered we had absolutely no phone coverage. It pretty much sealed the deal for us on what we thought of this place we found ourselves in.

With trepidation, we looked for the address of the home we would be staying at, unsure if it would be a place we would even feel comfortable visiting.

We sure were surprised when we pulled up to a home that looked like it belonged in the movie “Anne of Green Gables,” and our hostess turned out to be a beautiful lady who should win the “hostess of the year” award.

With a cozy little porch.
And the wonderful hostess and her husband...together over 50 years!

In this place that we thought was so barren, we discovered a treasure beyond our wildest imagination. Within this small town, were “Sister Blue Threads,” whose light shined bright for Jesus and drew women to Him.

While visiting with the chairwoman of the Stone Croft in that area, we discovered this barren looking land was really quite fruitful. She and her husband had managed a ranch of 10,000 acres and built up the owners cattle to 400. The stories she told, got my writers mind going, and I my mind has a new book in the works. She also told of how she would ride her horse, on the edge of these barren looking mountains and get cows and calves. They also raised sheep.

She had recently had hip surgery and was back on her horse in two months! On top of all of this she faithfully served God in the community by reaching out to women. I dropped the ball and didn't get a picture of her beautiful face.

The owner of the ranch restored the inside of this building and it can be used for various functions by people who live in the town. 

Our hostess, for the evening, (who fed us a fabulous dinner and breakfast and invited a girl I had met previously and wanted to stay in contact with) has four of her own children and four adopted foster children that she has raised and taught about Jesus. She faithfully leads a Bible study and cares so much for the women that she ministers too. I asked her what they do when a new person comes to town. “We go get them,” she said with a smile. Everyone is made to feel so welcome there.

Joan and I felt like we had made some special friends, and were wondering when we could come back again to enjoy them and explore this cute town we were visiting.

When we left her home to go to the luncheon, she led the way, it was a much nicer route out of town, and it was a great feeling to follow a friend.

And the land wasn't as barren looking the way we took out of town. 

 When it was time to leave after the luncheon the next day, our goodbyes were long, and we were one of the last to leave. We had found hearts we treasured in a barren place.

Joan had mentioned, that sometimes in our spiritual walk when it seems so barren, God gives us spiritual blessing in our barren land.  

Also, sometimes He gives us a friend, to walk with us out of our barren land.

When I think of the ladies I met on our small trip, I think of the Bible verse in Matthew 5:14 - 16
14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Their lights twinkle in the darkness!


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