A couple of months ago a huge seemingly insurmountable mountain loomed before me on my path. I naturally prayed for God to take it away. Actually, my eloquent prayer went something like this…HELP!
            I’ve read books on prayer, and I love to pray using the verses in the Bible too, but I could actually write a book on how God has responded to my eloquent four letter word prayer of HELP that I’ve prayed many, many times!
            What I’ve discovered, about the times when I have no other words to send up, but an S.O.S. call is…God does come to my rescue.
            When we reach a place in our life where we’ve never been before, never dealt with the set of circumstances that suddenly appear, or have to do something we’ve never even thought of doing, it’s an opportunity to see God work and see a bigger picture of Him.  
Now, months later… when I take a look around, I’ve noticed that I am almost to the top of that huge scary insurmountable mountain and can almost see the other side.
I am amazed.
            When I realize how far I’d come up that scary looming mountain I literally am in shock and I have asked God, “How did You do what You just did?” I look back at the past couple of months, and I cannot justifiably explain how things were taken care of. Somehow, He provided for each step I took and I am almost to the top!
            Nothing is impossible with God…when it looks like there is no place to put your feet, or there are mountains looming in front of you…there is God. God who spoke the mountains into existence can handle the mountains in our life.
            Right now, our women’s group called Serious Coffee, is reading through the Bible chronologically, (Actually there are other groups doing that too.) we are in the process of reading the book of Genesis.
            Yeah, I guess I could just skim through the beginning of the Bible where it goes through the process of creation in six days, I mean, I’ve heard and read it before, but I didn’t. I took the time to let the truth of creation sink in to my mind and heart, because the story of the very beginning of time shows the unique power and very deep intellect of God.
            It’s amazing to me that God spoke…and it happened.
            It’s amazing the detail He SPOKE into His creation. Lights for the day, lights for the night, seed bearing plants, the stars that shine up in the sky, separating the land from the water, etc.
            And when He made man…He made it known that there wasn’t a comparable helper for man…none of the animals…so He made a woman. And they fit so perfectly together.
            One of the reasons I think it is important to carefully read over the story of creation is it adds to my faith. If I just look at the wonderful people in my life and see how wonderfully God has made them, or when I look out at night to remember God put those lights in the sky many,  many years ago, and He had the sun rise in the morning, the moon rise at night. The flowers I so delight over that He made sure there were seeds to plant more. The list goes on and on, all because He spoke.
            To remember…He spoke…and it all came to be, this entire universe…
            A mountain looming in front of me…it’s nothing to God, who just has to speak.



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