Thy Will Be Done

Whenever I read the story about the crucifixion on Good Friday, it makes me sick to think of all Jesus endured.

Even if I don’t read the part about them beating him, or putting a crown of thorns on his head, the whole crucifixion in itself is bad enough. Just the fact that He actually had a nail pounded into his hands and feet is enough to unnerve me and break my heart. Not only that he hung by those nails. His back had open wounds and rubbed against the wood on the cross. The whole thing is unthinkable and I’m just giving a mild picture of all he suffered.

When Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane he was in deep anguish. He knew what would happen to him after he got arrested. Since Jesus was in a body just like ours it must have been horrible for him to face the reality of that whole torturous scene. Yet, he did face it. He said the words, “Let your will not mine be done.” And then submitted himself to be taken away by the Roman soldiers. He even healed one of their ears when Peter cut it off with his sword to protect Jesus.

When I watched the movie the Passion, what really struck me was the tormentors had Jesus blood on their bodies. And then soon after that he hung from a cross shedding his blood for the whole world. The tormentors included.

Jesus was in anguish while he prayed. Then he submitted. And it was so horrible. But then, in God’s perfect style, it turned out to be amazingly one of the most terrific things that could have happened for everyone who chooses to believe.

Jesus rose and walked among us and then ascended into heaven. He’s going to come back someday for all of those who believe in Him. And eternity will be spent with no pain, death, illness, or sin. How awesome is that?

I am learning that when I pray, it’s okay and peaceful, to let go and say, “Your will be done.” I mean sometimes a person can pray and pray and still stay in tough situations. A person can wonder, why God? Why don’t you answer me?

Sometimes silence is the answer. Not because he’s ignoring us. He promises not to do that. But I think it because, for some reason, we have to go through, whatever thing it is we don’t want to go through before, we move to the next season of our story.

That can be a hard fact when in the midst of trial, but God really, really, loves His people. He let Jesus go through all that suffering for His people. He loves Jesus. And God is good and perfect.

In the waiting, in the trial, and during the pain, we can know and believe He loves us so much and He is right there with us. And He understands, because there is nothing we could go through that compares to what Jesus went through for us.


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