A Blob Of Clay

There was a time in my life when I was more active than I am now. I ran, played tennis, and rode bikes.

I still remember when I first started running and had certain goals to meet. It would seem the last stretch would be a killer on my body, but I knew if I didn’t quit, the accomplishment would be worth it. So I’d press on.

Then after being involved in a car wreck I wasn’t able to do those things like I did before. I’ve had to work at building physical strength and agility.

Sometimes, while I’m working at the physical goals I re-injure an area I had hurt before and have to back off, only to have to start over again.

Because of that and how busy life is the progress has been slow but steady.

It reminds me of when I first became a Christ follower. I’d enjoy learning what the Bible said about God, I loved singing the songs, getting to know the people, and watching amazing prayers get answered.

Then something happens in life where the answers from prayer don’t come so quick. Or the answer is a no that hurts deep.

I remember one time after such an incident that hurt really bad. I opened the Bible and read, “God is good.”

It was a time where I had to decide to believe, or say, “If he’s so good then….”

It was a time I had to figure out how to trust Him during a trial with my hurt when He could’ve stopped the pain.

It was a time I had to learn to say, “You are the Lord.”

Was it easy?

No. It was a season of growing in a relationship with the God of all creation, who knows all, sees all, and is everywhere.

It was a season of trusting that what He said about Himself is true and that He is the King.

During loss, or seasons of waiting, the Bible says, “God is good.” It’s during those times of trials the Bible says our character is being shaped.

There is a verse in Isaiah about Him being the potter and we are the clay.

I can remember when I took a pottery class. (It was very boring to me.) But I still remember how important it was to keep the clay wet. And how easy it was for the clay to get all wobbly, I had to be careful to keep my hands a certain way to shape it into what I wanted it to be. I had to cut off extra pieces that weren’t necessary for the object I was making. I wasn’t very good at it at all. My things normally ended up being, well, nothing worth talking about. Then it had to be fired before I could paint it and try to make my blob look halfway decent.

The good news is, I can look around and see how talented God is. The sky, mountains, oceans and even the people are beautiful.

So as a piece of clay, I’m glad He’s the potter that is molding me and shaping me.

During those times He has to cut off those pieces that don’t fit or put me in the fire, yeah it hurts. But I’ve been learning to trust what He’s doing and remember how loving and talented He is.

Isaiah 64:8


Thanks for sharing from the heart, Linda.

There's more than one type of pain. Of course, the pains we inflict upon ourselves hurt the worse. God is gentler. He provides a way out when we need it or the strength to endure.
Eileen Rife said…
Wonderful posts from a fellow OakTara author! So appreciate your ministry through the written word, Linda. Keep up the good and godly work!

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