I love you was whispered

The other morning my daughter was home sick from school. I was busy catching up on some writing projects.

My daughter came over to the computer and climbed on my lap. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she gave me a kiss on the check, with a whisper of "I love my mommy."

Then I heard her say, "Hey my mommy doesn't care." And she reached up and grasped my face into her hands. "Mommy look at me." I looked down at her and then looked back at what I was working on.

"No, Mommy, look at me." She put her hand so I couldn't see the computer and with the other hand held on to my face. She looked me in the eye and smiled. "I love you mommy."

I grinned and gave her a kiss. "I love you too." I turned to go back to what I had been doing, but she was determined. She covered my eyes so I couldn't see the screen and made eye contact again and said, "Mommy, look at me." When I did, she smiled again and said, "I love you," followed with a kiss.

I looked back at her and said I love you too. This time though I didn't turn away. I enjoyed the moment with my little girl.

Then what went through my mind is when I come to God during prayer and devotional time instead of being distracted by everything around me, do I just seek His face and bask in His love? Just lay everything down and seek Him with all my heart. To let Him just show me the height, width, depth and length of the love He has for me?

Sadly, I have to say no. I do spend time seeking and listening for His voice, but life can be so distracting.

Those precious moments with my little girl made me desire to also bask in the love my heavenly Father has for me.


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