God Tossed Pennies

I just wanted to share again the story about "pennies". So many are going through such tough times and I hope this is a note of encouragement for you.

My sister and I started going for walks in the morning during the weekdays. One day there was a penny on the ground and I reached down to pick it up. I explained there was a day, not to long ago, that I wouldn't have picked it up, but instead I'd leave it for someone else who may need it.

But one day, I was convicted of appreciating even the smallest blessings that may be in front of me. God knows if I need a penny or not, so I decided to start picking them up, thank Him for it and all the other blessings He gives to me.

A few days later, during another one of our walks, we were talking about a burden my sister was carrying. I suddenly remembered the other thing I heard about picking up a penny. On the coin is the words, "In God We Trust". Whenever a person finds a penny, they are to confess whatever they are not trusting God with in their life. And then say "In God I Trust." So after heaing that story I started doing just that.

We went no more than five feet when I heard my sister give a happy sound as she reached over and picked up a penny. "In God We Trust," she called out.

Through the week, on our walks, we both continued to share things weighing heavy on our hearts with each other and throughout the day we would pick up whatever pennies we found in front of us and make a decision to Trust God.

One day in particular, I just fretted and fretted over something. I found more pennies that day than I'd seen in a long time.

The next day, on our daily excursion, we talked and prayed about our issues that still hadn't been resolved. We had some big burdens on our minds.

After praying, we noticed on the side of the road, there was a PILE of pennies. I am so serious, it was a pile. We didn't care who was watching. We stooped down and picked up penny after penny, saying "In God we trust, in God we trust"...

Don't wait to pick up a penny, my prayer for you is "In God you trust".


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