Weary Mountain Climber

Have you ever felt like asking, "What next?", but were afraid to find out what could be next?

Ever watch your dream play out in another persons life? Or wondered why it seems so easy for some and your scrambling through the day, frazzled and exhausted? Have you ever just been plain weary?

Those times are tough.

Ever been so tired in your heart that it's hard to decipher a bump from a mountain. Especially when we're in the middle of climbing a mountain. They come in many forms, relationships, illness, finances, jobs. And in the midst of the climb, a bump can make it seem so hard, leaving a person left without an ounce of emotional energy or strength to deal with just the next step in life.

I've discovered in moments like this, Jesus says for the weary to come to Him, and He will give you rest. When bumps in the road seem to be mountains because of the weariness you are experiencing, take the time to sit in His presence. Sometimes, there is an immediate release. Sometimes He gives us what is needed for the next phase of the road.

No matter what He does for you, I can guarantee you it will be exactly what you need.


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