Merry Christmas!! Three Movie Men

My three favorite movies, It's a Wonderful Life, Pride and Prejudice, and last but not least The Cinderella Man. The male star, in each, plays a role that is incredible.

George, in "It's a Wonderful Life," puts others needs before his own. Those around him seem to be living a far more glamorous life than his. His dreams of traveling and building huge skyscrapers remain just that, dreams. When tragedy strikes, he discovers his true richest. His treasures were those who stood around him, singing Christmas songs, and were there to help him in any way they could.

Mr Darcy, the lead charactor in "Pride and Prejudice," is misunderstood by the women he loves. She rejects him. Darcy never gives up but continually lives out the love in his heart for the woman of his dreams, writes her a letter and secretly does wonderful things to bless her and her family. When she discovers the truth about him, she loves him in return.

"The Cinderella Man," is up against all odds. A boxer, loses everything, with hardly any work available during the great depression, his only option is to beg for money from his old peers in order to pay the electric bill and get his children back. Then life gives him another chance. In his mind flashes the memory of all his family had suffered during the hard times. It made him fight hard, never giving up, until victory.

What, you may ask, does that have to do with Christmas?

Aha! It reminds ME of the main STAR of my life. Jesus. Who put aside everything for me. And came to earth. Immanuel, God is with Us. So many times His love for us is misunderstood. He was beaten, hung to die on a cross. It looked like He had lost everything, but then He came back to life again. Death could not defeat Him. He was victorious, knowing the future of His children, without Him.

He wrote us a letter, the bible, declaring truth about Him. Also, He is constantly doing wonderful things so we may know the love He has for us. Never giving up.

One note from His letter to us says,

God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.


He will be called Immanuel, God is with us.


He will never leave you nor forsake you.

No matter what is going on in your life. Immanuel. God is with us. Believe on Jesus, the very reason we celebrate Christmas.


Barbara said…
I love the analogy! I absolutely love the first two movies, I haven't seen Cinderella Man.

Merry Christmas!!

Linda Reinhardt said…
Merry Christmas to you! I hope you are incredibly blessed!

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