Dream come true

How exciting! If you would like to take a look, there is a really nice interview about my book, "Like a Bird Wanders" at http://bookreaderscentral.blogspot.com/.

When I was young, my dream was to be a writer. To see that dream fulfilled is an incredible experience. It wasn't easy and still isn't. There is quite a bit of work that goes into the writing of a book or a story.

In the beginning, I just expected to write a book and get published, after all I believed I was following a call. But over the last couple of years God has brought me through a process to mature me in different aspects of this craft. Sometimes it is painful. True on the job training.

One thing which taught patience - after we signed the contract some unforeseen things happened which put our book on hold. The waiting was unbearable yet we knew we needed to just wait. How hard is that? HARD!

A note of encouragement to you. If you feel like life is just plain tough and you don't know what to do or which way to go. Hold on to your dream. Talk to God about it. He knows what doors need to be opened and what needs to be closed. And then watch and listen.

I pray many blessings in your heart and life.


Thanks, Linda. I'm glad you liked how the interview turned out. I look forward to reading the book.
Linda Reinhardt said…
You did an incredibly great job! Thank you.

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