Sister Blue Thread Series-Silenced Song- Book 2

What do you do when all is swept away? When life goes topsy-turvy in an instant?

Trudy and Randy’s wedding day has finally arrived. In spite of what has happened in the past, their dreams for their future are big and filled with the hope of following God together. But then, in a moment, everything changes.
Trudy’s friend, Jodee, is so grateful to finally live in safety with clean sheets, plentiful food, and the love of the Sanders’ family. But she misses her dad—as abusive as he’s been all her life—and longs for the day she can be reunited with her mom, who was forced to leave when she was five years old. Is it possible for her dad to change? For her parents to find happiness again?
Walk down the road with the Sister Blue Threads and find hope, healing, and joy for your own journey.


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