360 Degrees Of Grief - One of 64 Authors to contribute a story

360 Degrees of Grief is a Selah Press Anthology filled with stories, poetry and songs. Sixty-four authors contributed transparent stories written with open hearts reflecting hope to the reader. These authors have lived through the complete spectrum of life—from ecstatic joy to the darkest grief—and share the lessons they learned along the journey. Contributing authors include: Steve Green, Clay and Renee Crosse, Wayne Watson, Kayla Fioravanti, Melodie Tunney, Joyce Bone, Linda Reinhardt, Bruce Fong, Tom Burgess, Mary Humphrey, Elin Criswell, Drenda Howatt, Lisa LaCross Wethey, Kolinda King Duer, Bethany Learn, Duane Bigoni, Sharon Steffke Caldwell, Beverly Brainard, Marc Whitmore, Jessica Mills Winstead, T.G. Barnes, Kimberly Crumby, Chuck Hagele, Shila Laing, Shirley Logan, Lynn McLeod, Lisa Rodgers, Prevo Rodgers, Maria Gelnett, Cherie Funderburg, Heather Blair, Tammy Lovell Stone, Jacquelyn Bodeutsch, K.A. Croasmun, Paul Dengler, Wendi Fincher, Zachary Fisher, Gary Forsythe, Lona Renee Fraser, Charles Garret, Valerie Geer, Emily Joy, Cathy Koch, Kyle Koch, Dana Lyne, Rebecca Marmolejo, Ric Minch, Ginger Moore, Ellen Peacock, Cheri Perry, Deborah Petersen, Karyn Pugh, Lane Reed, Mandalyn Rey, Debbie Richards, Loral Robben, Rex Paul Schnelle, Sara Shay, Debra Sturdevant, Michelle Titus, Rachel Turner, Dorothy Wagner and Carol Wilson.


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