I Smell Rain...


Dear God, I smell rain! It smells so good. I wish, as I sit here, drinking my coffee and writing in my journal, with my daughter beside me reading, I could fully enjoy this moment.

There are threats of thunderstorms today. I am not a fan of thunderstorms, as you know. I fear the loud sound over my head and I fear that tornado's may follow, even though we don't have many tornado's here in this area. It's hard for me to stay in the moment and rest. My imagination goes all over the place from the wonderful smell of rain, to tornado's.

In many areas of my life, where the smell of rain may be, I fear the bigger storm may happen. I fear things will go out of control and I will be stuck with the pain of the aftermath.

I take a sip of coffee, smile at my daughter reading, and breath in the beautiful smell of rain. Enjoy this moment, I say to myself. A time of perfection in a big chaotic world.

However, I know Father, it is not chaotic to you. You can see all. You know.

God, You see all things in the dark and the lonely places, you see the violence, the anger, the unloved, the losses, You see it all. I see and hear a small bit of what goes on in the world and it is like a cyclone of pain to me.

You also see all of the births, hugs, heroism, goodness, and love, I only see a small portion, and it is like the delightful smell of rain.

You are above it all. You know the secret parts of every person in this world whether they believe in You or not. You know. You offer life, love, forgiveness, a relationship like no other.

You see there are people hiding in fear. And you are here when the world gets to big for me, too. I don't have to say, go help another, their problems are bigger or more important than mine, because You are the Great "I AM." You are everywhere and for all of us.

There are things I cannot figure out. The storms blur my view. There are issues that fall around me like the rain drops fall. I stand hoping the storm doesn't get bigger.

You are above the roaring thunderous clouds and You are with us under the thunderous clouds.

I am but me. You are You. I am but one heart in this big world. You know and love all the hearts in this world.

Speak to my ears, and may my heart receive Your words.

God who is bigger than the storms, help me to remember You are with me. You are with all.

I can smell the rain, Father. It smells so good. Prepare me if needed for the storm.

Excerpt from "My Unfinished Novel," by Linda Reinhardt


Beautiful Linda.
Thank you for sharing this with me.
I'm so proud of you and your awesome writing.
Love you forever.

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