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I Know Your "Type"

“Oh. I know your type.” The new physical therapist, at a place where I used to work, growled at me when introduced.
I gave him a questioning look. I had no idea what he was talking about. He had just met me and the others in the office.
He nodded and gave me a look of disdain. “Yep, I do.”
That was our relationship. Many times when we had to interact he would respond with, “I got ya. I know.”
I would sit there baffled because he would not “get me.” And I would have to work extra hard to communicate to him.
Each time he invited the people in the office to his house for a barbecue, I would be excluded. And excluded from the conversations about the fun at the barbecue after the event.
Very often he would lash out and snap. It appeared to be quite a feat for him to have to be polite, in a professional way, when we interacted with the patients together.
I never did find out what “your type” was and how he determined “my type” so quickly. And he never did get to know “me” as an individ…