I Know Your "Type"

“Oh. I know your type.” The new physical therapist, at a place where I used to work, growled at me when introduced.

I gave him a questioning look. I had no idea what he was talking about. He had just met me and the others in the office.

He nodded and gave me a look of disdain. “Yep, I do.”

That was our relationship. Many times when we had to interact he would respond with, “I got ya. I know.”

I would sit there baffled because he would not “get me.” And I would have to work extra hard to communicate to him.

Each time he invited the people in the office to his house for a barbecue, I would be excluded. And excluded from the conversations about the fun at the barbecue after the event.

Very often he would lash out and snap. It appeared to be quite a feat for him to have to be polite, in a professional way, when we interacted with the patients together.

I never did find out what “your type” was and how he determined “my type” so quickly. And he never did get to know “me” as an individual. During our entire working relationship, he interacted with “the type” of person he believed me to be, and not who I really am.

Since I started following Jesus, I have often had people tell me how I think and feel. Usually, they are completely off base or take what I think out of context. It’s not very often in those situations where I get a chance to tell what “I” am thinking or feeling, because they know what Christians think about all situations.

I can name many, many situations where I have been placed in some sort of “group.”

But…I GET it.

Before I started following Jesus of the Bible, I had many racist ideas, myself. Now, I need to say upfront…this is not how I THINK or BELIEVE now. The following is from years ago, I have changed dramatically, and don’t think this way now.

I used to have a lot of anger toward the Vietnamese. My Uncle died in that war when I was young.
I had anger toward Koreans. My other Uncle fought in that war and it was beyond horrible.

Although I had quite a few African American friends, I did not agree with dating them. One really good friend, that I got along great with, I would not go out with him, because of that belief. I got mad at my friend when she did. That belief came from some guys talking about blonde white girls being trophies and wiping out the white race. Stupid of me to hold it against all African Americans, but when I was younger I believed it.

I looked at the RACE. Not the person.

The same way the Physical Therapist looked at me. He looked at me and saw “that type” and that was it. He saw no further. He didn’t see “me.”

Now, had he looked a little further at me, as an individual, I don’t know if he would have still believed I was that “type” or not, but he may have found out I wasn’t. And there wouldn’t have been that angst in our work place every single day.

That is what Jesus taught me.

Just before I turned and followed Him, I got a job where the owners were a husband and wife right from Korea. Yep! I had to help her to understand what the customers were saying, take orders, answer her phone, and interact with the delivery people. We worked together every day, soon I was invited to her house and met the rest of her family. I even got to style their beautiful hair.

I found out they were incredible people, because I gave them the chance and didn’t put them in a group. I had a fabulous opportunity to get to know the couple, their family, and friends, and determine my opinion from a one on one relationship with each of them.

Last week I was making lunch. I pulled out a gushy rotten apple from the bag I had recently bought. I was perplexed as to how on earth a rotten apple got in the bag when I am pretty picky about the one’s that I buy. I checked the other apples and they were fine. So I threw the rotten one out and used the good apples.

Wouldn’t it have been ridiculous of me to have thrown out the entire bag of apples before I checked to make sure they were good apples?

Isn’t it ridiculous for us to be looking at a person only seeing them as a group? And holding the act of one, two, or three rotten people toward every single person in that group?

Isn’t it ridiculous to look at a group of police officers who every day put their lives in jeopardy for us to keep us safe, and call them bad, because a few of them over-stepped their boundaries?

Isn’t it ridiculous to put their lives in danger, attack, and kill them, because of the few?

Police officers aren’t a race. They are a group of people who choose a very dangerous career and they work to protect us from the worse of the worse. That’s the job they chose.

I am so glad I have them to call. And if and when I have to call on one, I hope it is a good one of the group. Yet, if not, I can’t group all of the others into a group of bad.

Police officers swear to protect us.

The thing that totally and completely baffles me, is we had an event awhile back called 911. A group of extreme terrorist attacked our country and killed some of our people. We’ve also had attacks here and there since then.

This is a group, who HATE American’s, and want to kill us.

A person is called a RACIST if they are leery of letting people of that belief into our country. They are called a RACIST if they agree that they should have a background check to make sure they are not connected to the extreme radical version of this belief. A belief is not a race. It is a choice or a learned belief, but not a race. A person can be careful when interacting with a belief that hates their country and what it stands for. It does not mean they are a racist. It means they are wanting the government to be careful and protect our country.

I am reading and hearing the people in our country saying, let them in, love them, and accept them, don’t be a racist, even though their belief says to annihilate infidels and the extreme radicals do just that. It’s reported in our daily news!

Yet, we have a small group of police who have failed at their job, and certain American’s are protesting against the entire American police force. Attacking them. And worse…Killing them.
America! Really? Really?

One guys hate…spreads to another guy…to another guy…to another…

The cop shootings didn’t happen in Texas yet some sniper starts ticking off cops? Hate spreads fast. Violence spreads fast. And it’s no different than the very hateful violence that started it all. Same seed…HATE. It spreads like wildfire. Leaving hurting, broken hearts behind, that may if not steered right, start to hate.

Do we even realize through all of the hate, fighting, and violence what it means to live in this country? 

Do we really know who we are?

We are American’s. No matter the color. No matter where we have come from or our ancestors have come from, we get to be AMERICAN’s. Even in our hard times, we have it better than a lot of countries in their good times.

We are to unite and care for this beautiful country we are blessed to live in. There is no place in this entire world as beautiful as our country.

We need to let go of the pains and mistakes of the past. We need to love one another and stop forcing one another to accept every single decision a person makes or wants to do or else the RACIST label is slapped on a forehead. Spread in the news. Spread in the neighborhoods.

Hate spreads far…I used to believe in abortion. I was very, very pro-abortion. I met Jesus. I learned about life and the value of it from the very beginning. I studied what happens during an abortion procedure and what it does to the baby inside. Now, I write and speak hoping other’s will see, but because of Jesus teaching, if someone went and had an abortion, I wouldn’t hate her. If I was in the right position in her life, I would want to be there for her, because I know the pain. I know the years of sorrow. I know the changes that happen from within. I also know the healer. And I would want to share His healing with her.

And she has the choice, to listen, to come along, or she has the choice to walk her own way. That is her choice.

I cannot force her to see things that I now see.

I may not agree with same-sex sexual relationship’s, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about the person as an individual because I don’t agree with their sexual preference. It’s their life. Just don’t try to force me to agree with the choices in order to have a friendship with you. If one thing I am so tired of in this country is being subjected to being forced to agree with this act that I don’t agree with, and being subjected to being labeled a racist if I don’t. I would still gladly have a relationship with the person. I just don’t agree. I am sick of the whole sex argument.

In saying that, Jesus taught me a really great lesson. He taught me it’s important every day, to look at myself and all of my short-comings. He keeps me busy with all the changes He has made inside of me as He cleans up my heart on a daily basis.

Psalm 139:23-24. “Search me, O God, and know my heart’ test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

If people would stop pointing fingers at other’s and look in the mirror and work on that important person in front of them, lives would change.

Second, when Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan, it was a story about how to love your neighbor. And who your neighbor is.

The Jews and Samaritan’s were enemies. Yet the Samaritan helped the beaten up Jew.

That is how Jesus tells us to be. To help one another. To love one another. To tell others about His love. To forgive as He forgives.

When I come up against the verse that tells me to forgive as He forgives…it stops me in my tracks. I had a lot to be forgiven for and He forgave me. Sometimes, it may take me a while, but I know how forgiven I am, and how bad I mess up, so I work toward forgiveness daily. When I can’t forgive, I keep working.

It is literally impossible for me to forgive the men who steal young girls and hurt them. And it is a real struggle for me to forgive pedophile’s. It is extremely hard for me. Extremely. I can’t even stress that enough. I have to pray and pray to do it. And be reminded, forgiving does not mean condoning.
So I understand the anger when we hear of someone making a mistake in the line of duty that may come from a heart of racism, or power struggle, but God doesn’t tell us to go and tear the person apart. He tells us to forgive. He tells us to love.

America as a whole need’s to turn their hearts to the God who loves us so much, He sent His Son to die for the sins of the entire world. We need to listen to His message of love and forgiveness.


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